Healthy Dentistry

About Dr. Kat Marhfour

  • Safe amalgam removal to reduce exposure to the heavy metal neurotoxic mercury vapour
  • Low exposure x-rays using a digital exposure system
  • Limit and avoid toxins from certain dental materials
  • BPA free composite filling material
  • Guidance on a healthy diet to ensure healthy teeth and gums
  • Metal and Mercury detox through diet education
  • Treatment and prevention of gum disease using natural methods

Dr. Marhfour is undergoing further training with ACNEM – Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. By undertaking further education, Dr. Marhfour wishes to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of how the body operates holistically as a system and how prevention and healing can be achieved naturally. In Dr. Marhfour’s own personal life, she is very particular about the topic of living an organic, toxin/chemical free lifestyle.